The Mercedes G-Code concept 0

g-codeThe Audi Q1 looks to have a rival coming up. Mercedes have released their new G-Code concept car. When released, it will be placed within the category below the A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz has been targeting a younger audience over recent years. This latest model comes as no exception. It is part of the brand’s future strategy to overtake the likes of Audi and BMW.

The concept car comes as a hydrogen-electric 2+2 hatchback. It was released at the opening ceremony of the company’s new Research and Development facility in Beijing, China.

Both Mercedes’s Chinese and German team were in charge of designing the new G-Code. The main inspiration behind the design comes from Gorden Wagener. The SUV comes with a five door hatchback body. It follows the current method of the company’s design, keeping all next generation cars similarly aligned in terms of designs. The angular headlamps along with a bold twin-blade grille make the concept stand out, as do the 21 inch wheels.

The grille can neatly light up in either blue, purple or red, depending on which driving mode is selected. A LED strip is placed at the rear of the car, with full illumination for indicators, tail-lamps and brake lights. There are also no longer any external mirrors. Instead come two cameras.

The exterior body paint, which has been described as “multi-voltaic” will act like a large solar panel. It is able to develop power with wind running over its surface. The suspension system also enables the car to gain more power. The springs move in such a way that more electricity is generated.

The engine setup is something to be admired. The engine is turbocharged, with electric power powering the rear of the vehicle and hydrogen powering the front.

The final version of the Mercedes G-Code is expected to come with five doors, not three. When released, expect there to be plenty more changes.