2017’s most hotly anticipated cars #17 – The Bugatti Chiron 0

2017s-most-hotly-anticipated-cars-17-the-bugatti-chironA whole range of truly fabulous vehicles are set to be released onto the roads and racetracks over the next twelve months. We take a sneaky advance peak at what we consider to be the top 17.

17. Bugatti Chiron

We’ve not necessarily ranked our seventeen in any particular order, so there’s no shame in coming in at the top of the list. The Chiron is possibly the most expensive car on our shortlist, especially after Bugatti’s exclusive clientele have decided what sea mammal’s skin they want the seats clad from.

Take away all the bells and whistles and the Chiron’s numbers hold up by themselves. The car packs 1,500 bhp, four turbos and boasts a top speed in excess of 260mph. It’s a frighteningly striking piece of engineering, a natural descendent to the Veyron, but more powerful, aerodynamically efficient, and more of a ‘looker’ than its iconic father.

The Veyron was regarded in many circles as the car ‘no other could follow’, this year will be when we discover if that prophesy was true or not…

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