Apple’s Tim Cook predicts “massive change” in auto industry 0

We already know that Google, General Motors and Tesla are developing autonomous technology, but is Apple joining the driverless-car game too?

Tim Cook at the WSLD Live event.

Tim Cook at the WSLD Live event.

Autonomous driving seems an inevitable part of our future, with some predicting it’ll be the norm on roads in 15 to 20 years time. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told the audience during a live WSJD event that he believes the auto industry is ready for change.

“There will be a massive change in [the auto] industry,” he says, “When I look at the automobile, I see that software is becoming an increasingly important part of the car of the future.”

Drivers and buyers are opting for technology over other aspects more and more because our society is driven by the Internet, smartphones, instant-updates, and information-on-demand and on-the-go. Whilst Cook didn’t give anything away if Apple is developing its own car, he does believe that the time for “electrification” of vehicles and software-dominant models is coming, and fast.

A designer's teardown of what an Apple driverless car might look like/feature. (Image created by )

A designer’s teardown of what an Apple driverless car might look like/feature.
(Image created by <re/code>)

The Internet is already an optional feature for new models in most brands, as is semi-autonomous driving modes that help with parking and driving on motorways. We already know that driverless-vehicles are the new technology that auto manufacturers, suppliers, and tech and software companies are striving to develop.

And it’s looking like Apple may be one of them. They’re certainly already working with the industry. Their popular CarPlay system is a feature, standard or optional, in a large majority of brands in the business. When an iPhone is plugged in, the system allows drivers to safely play music, access messages, get directions and make calls. All the apps can be controlled via voice, touchpad, or dial to limit distraction and stay focused on the road.

“We want people as they enter the car to have an iPhone experience”.

Until Apple officially confirms their role in autonomous development, we won’t know for sure. Cook is no newbie to reporters and the media, so when we find out it’ll be because Apple wants us to know.




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