Are you too lazy to drive your own car? Time to buy a Nissan 0

There are many current long term developers of self-driving technology. Nissan’s technology is some of the most advanced in that field. They are starting off by offer certain self-driving modules amongst its vehicles.

Nissan’s luxury brand, Infiniti will be included with the new technology. One of the systems being introduced on the car include the vehicle being able to steer itself electronically, using what is known as “steer-by-wire” technology for the first time ever. This will be included within mass produced popular vehicles. If you’re a fan of racing games, you’ll love this. “Steer-by-wire” technology paves the way for vehicles to be controlled by joysticks in the future. Imagine that!

Conventional steering wheels link with all four tyres, allowing the driver to control the steering directly with instant feedback. “Steer-by-wire” technology computerizes all the vehicle’s steering through a control unit. From here the tyres’ movement is then controlled by the control unit after instructions are sent via the steering wheel rather than it directly controlling the wheels.

Masaharu Satou, a Nissan engineer spoke about the benefits of this type of steering module. He said “In the future, if we are freed from that, we would be able to place the steering wheel wherever we like, such as in the back seat, or it would be possible to steer the car with a joystick,”

A backup clutch will also be installed using Nissan’s technology. Both the steering wheel and tyres will be linked when using the system if any mechanical errors appear.

Nissan have already shown off the technology, prior to their official announcement. This is not the first time we have seen it however. Audi have adopted it within their concept Audi A2, seen in 2011 at a motor show. The difference here is that Audi introduced the technology on a concept car, Nissan are ready to do so upon a mass manufactured vehicle.

The new driving system offers greater benefits. The wheels will be able to turn a lot quicker as they register the driver’s intention faster.

The beauty of the new driving system is that adds helps everyone keep safe. When you are approaching an accident, Nissan’s steering technology will automatically steer away to avoid the crash.