Chargemaster to set up Polar EV charging network 0

Chargemaster were responsible for launching the nation’s first EV charging network earlier this week.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the scheme, it’s a convenient way for electric car owners to charge up their battery via a dedicated pod. You must a monthly cost of £24.50 in order to access one. This will come on top of a 90p fee every time a charging unit is accessed. Subscribers will need to use their swipe card which the company issue in order to gain appropriate access. There will be different charge packages available for people who use single dedicated pods or business users.

The option of home installation of the charging units sounds very attractive indeed. For a one fee of £95, the unit is installed at a subscriber’s home. Subscribers will also get access to the rest of the 4000 public bays with extra benefits including discounts on specific parking, restaurants and hotels.

When a car is fully charged via the charging unit, an average of 100 driving miles is provided it has been claimed.

Chargemaster have stated that they plan to provide 100 towns and cities with 4000 charging units. They will be installed in the South of the country to launch with the scheme spreading north up through the nation.

Transport minister Phillip Hammond and Elektromotive have shown their support. Calvey Taylor-Haw, Elektromotive managing director said “It’s this kind of announcement that represents a positive step towards the development of a nationwide EV recharging infrastructure. If the automotive industry is to convince motorists of the viability of electric vehicles as every day transport, privately operated schemes such as this will be essential, both now and in the longer term.  The POLAR public network will dovetail nicely into Elektromotive’s innovative new network for the home and business user, due to be announced at the end of 2011. If we are to eliminate “range anxiety”, consumers need to have confidence in the charging infrastructure.  In order to make charging points accessible for as many people as possible, a simple “pay-as-you-go” scheme will become the norm for consumers, rather than having to sign up to expensive members-only initiatives.  EV users will want choice, simple tarrifs and value for money.’

It looks like a Chargemaster charging unit is coming to near you, next year.

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