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The race to be the first and outright leader in the autonomous market is really starting to heat up. We have seen the likes of Tesla, BMW and Volvo all making either headway or promises for autonomous vehicles. That is however the actual motoring companies, but this race certainly goes deeper than that. Apple, Intel and Google for example have all invested heavily into this emerging market space. With this, it is not surprising that many other tech companies want to join this space, and because of this we now see a new company in the fold.

The Chinese tech company Alibaba have teamed up with China’s largest automotive company SAIC Motor Corp. to have a stab at creating a driverless vehicle. This technology company will use internet connection in order to accomplish their goals. This will be accomplished via Alibaba’s YunOS operating system. This system, which usually connects phones, tablets and smart watches, will be utilised as a car dashboard, touch screen and advanced rear mirrors.


Connectivity is key for driverless cars and Alibaba now has their foot in the door. Jack Ma, who owns Alibaba said that “we believe in the future that 80 percent of the car’s functionality won’t be related to transportation… the car will become a kind of robot you communicate with on a daily basis.” This certainly seems to be the way in which the automotive world is heading in, so Ma has certainly got his business ventures in check.

The first vehicle that will feature the YunOS is soon to be released later this year. The crossover SUV which is named the Roewe RX5, was unveiled in April at the Beijing Auto Show. The SUV is expected to sell for around Rmb148, 000 or $22,000. When a new technology company enters the scene, it is always interesting. We can’t wait to see what technological features this vehicle will have.

photo credit: Reuters