Citroën’s remarkable technology 0

ds5 (1)Citroën have managed to stay on top of their game for a number of years, becoming one of Europe’s leading mass car producers. Sure the designs look great, the performance and economy of the cars are fantastic, their reputation is superb too, but what is the main reason behind those particular attributes? You’d have to say technology.

Citroën’s technology in all areas is superb. It focuses on elements such as “Driving”, “Comfort” and “Driving Assistance”. With such ground-breaking technology it is easy to see why the French automaker is still making such fantastic progress.

Intelligent Traction Control

Intelligent Traction Control technology gives the driver more power and capability when experiencing difficult road conditions.

This particular piece of technology provides extra grip to battle surfaces such as black ice, rain and snow. Naturally, it is more effective when snow tyres are fitted onto the vehicle.

Working with the traction control system (ASR) via a control unit, the technology is able to judge how much the left and right wheels can potentially slip. It does so through analysing a number of different parameters.

Citroën models Intelligent Traction Control is available to the C4, DS4, C5 Saloon and the C5 Tourer.

Head-Up Display

Citroën’s head up display technology dips in to the area of innovation as well as safety. Important information to driver can be displayed within the driver’s vision. The driver doesn’t need to focus elsewhere in order to obtain important information.

The display is in full colour, projecting all information onto a panel which is located right in the driver’s line of vision.

Citroën models Head-Up Display is available to the DS5.

Fighting tiredness whilst driving

Drowsiness at the wheel is combated through Citroen’s Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). If the driver drifts out of lane involuntary whilst travelling at speeds of over 50 MPH, the sensor on the LDWS will off. With the DS5, the driver’s seat will vibrate as will the C4 Picasso’s safety belt when such an alert is triggered.

The Lane Departure Warning System is available to the DS5 and the Picasso.

Panoramic windscreen

Citroën panoramic windscreen provides the car with a wonderful atmosphere. The mood of both the passenger and the driver is automatically enhanced given the visibility from all angles.

The view gives creates an impression of a high definition view outside. With extra light coming in, there is an impression of more space inside the cabin.

The panoramic windscreen is available to the C3, C3 Picasso, C4 Picasso and the DS4.

Citroën eTouch

The Citroën eTouch Emergency & Assistance System helps in calling emergency services. One single press of the SOS button and the emergency services will be contacted instantly. If the situation is serious, the SOS feature activates automatically. The Chevron button connects to Citroën assistance. It sends both the location details as well as the fault report.

The Citroën eTouch is available is C-Zero, C4, C5 Saloon, C5 Tourer, DS3, DS3 Cabrio.