Clever cars calling time of drunk driving 0

Clever-cars-calling-time-of-drunk-drivingCertain cars are now sporting features so hi-tech that they can alert police if they are being driven by a drunk driver. The first reported case of a car ‘dobbing in’ its owner, occurred recently in County Antrim when police were summoned to a crash site by the vehicle in question.

After the tipsy driver shunted his car, his Ford Fiesta automatically called the local law authority.

“Some cars these days are pretty clever,” said a PSNI Craigavon Facebook post.

“Did you know that some can even phone police automatically to let us know you’ve crashed?! That’s a really good safety feature.”

The post added that it was a “really bad feature to have if you’re a drunk driver”.

“That’s right, you’re picking this up correctly – a CAR phoned us to let us know about a crash last night when it turned out the driver was drunk,” said the police message.

“You think you’re having a rough weekend? At least your car hasn’t touted on you!”

The driver of the Fiesta was one of several arrested in the area for drink driving over the course of the weekend.

Anyone who suspects someone is drink-driving should contact police, they added.

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