Drivers reject self-driving cars, even if they will save lives 0

Drivers-reject-self-driving-cars-even-if-they-will-save-livesWithout doubt, autonomous cars are the current buzz-topic in the automotive industry. Self-driving vehicles will save time, money and even lives through their ability to prevent road-traffic accidents, stay within the speed limit and avoid any illegal manoeuvres. Safety features aside, there is another way autonomous vehicles can drive to the rescue, but their human counterparts don’t currently appear to be too keen on the idea.

It’s been reported the new autonomous technology can be programmed for multiple needs. It can drop off a passenger; find a parking space then return to collect upon request. The technology is rightfully being hailed as revolutionary and beneficial to people from all walks of life: mums on the run, anyone faced with the drudgery of the weekly shop and even emergency quick-response vehicles, saving lives by shaving minutes off the critical dash to hospital.

It has been theorised, an autonomous quick response car could drop a paramedic and medical kit to the exact home or location of the person needing medical assistance; the car could then find a parking space and return to pick up both the patient and paramedic when requested. In built up or residential area where parking spaces are thin on the ground, this could prove invaluable.

Sounds like a win win, right? Wrong, apparently. A new survey has posed this very scenario to motorists and found 72% completely against the idea, responding that they would not feel comfortable having an autonomous ambulance or response car transport them to the hospital.

The survey conducted by car servicing provider, Servicing Stop, also asked motorists if they would be willing to pay more for their own car if it had the ability to self-drive. This didn’t go down well with motorists either, 68% saying they would pay more for a car that can only be driven by a human.

Price is a massive factor in any driver’s selection of car, it seems though, when it comes to autonomous driving, motorists are prepared to pay more for less and are much more willing to risk their lives than to step foot in a potentially safer, autonomous car.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “Autonomous cars are presenting new capabilities and possibilities to the average driver every single day. Not only will the self-driving cars; once properly integrated provide greater efficiency on our roads but it will offer a range of support for motorists and pedestrians alike. If autonomous cars can improve the effectiveness of our emergency care services then we should offer them a warm welcome. One thing’s for certain, the autonomous vehicle industry will throw up some fascinating possibilities for all of us.”

Would you pay more for a self-driving car? Result
No, I would rather pay more for a car that can
only be driven by a human.
Yes, I would pay more for a self-driving car. 32%
How do you feel about self-driving ambulances? Result
No, I wouldn’t feel comfortable having a self-driving ambulance or response car take me to hospital. 72%
I think it’s a great idea, saves time and possibly lives. 28%

This was a guest blog by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon

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