Dung Beetles May Be the Key for Autonomous Vehicles 0

The automotive world is becoming more and more futuristic as time goes on, and now we are closer than ever to the autonomous car. Google recently undertook their autonomous experiment which, although crashed into a bus, must have given the company excellent data and pointers on how to improve. BMW, Volvo and multiple other automotive companies are also improving their autonomous driving capabilities too. But now, new research suggests that dung beetles may actually hold the key to what the automotive industry need to do in order to improve their autonomous technology.


The research as undertaken by Lund University in Sweden, suggests that dung beetles capture an image of the sky and by using the stars, sun, moon and multiple other celestial bodies can navigate their way around. This is done by using a mentally stored image as a base and then, they manage to match this against the real life movement of the sky. The idea of the snapshot and then a real life image as a means to navigate could be the future for autonomous vehicles as argued by the team that undertook the study. Ants do something similar, by using the ground and it’s surrounding as a means to navigate through the world. But, the sky would be the most perfect way to do this for a vehicle.

So, if autonomous vehicles could in fact take a snapshot image of the sky, store it, and then use the sky against the already stored image, then the autonomous vehicle certainly has a way of being able to navigate in straight lines efficiently and effectively.  Either way, it is extremely exciting that this research has yielded conclusive results which can be used in the world of the autonomous automotive world.

All that can really be said is thank you dung beetles, really…

photo credit: esquire.com