Dyson latest company to jump on the electric car bandwagon 0

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When you think of ‘a dyson’, no doubt either a hi-tech carpet cleaner or state-of-the-art fan springs to mind.

From 2020 however, you may be forced to revise that image, as the engineering company famed with being ahead of the curve, plans to launch its own brand of electric car.

Dyson have been working on the project in secret at their base in Wiltshire, with 400 staff allocated to the project. Details released by the company have been sparse, other than the news of the initial commitment to the project.

Sir James Dyson expressed the need for confidentiality:  “Competition for new technology in the automotive industry is fierce and we must do everything we can to keep the specifics of our vehicle confidential,” staff were told in an email.

It’s understood that as yet, no prototype has been built and no factory site has been chosen for production.

Also unknown is Dyson’s intended annual production total, the vehicle’s cost, range and top speed.   

Sir James said that £1 billion would be spent developing the car plus a further £1 billion making the battery.

The development of electric vehicles is very much in vogue at the moment as momentum gather globally for the banning of petrol and diesel cars. London has joined a growing raft of cities to announce plans to outlaw the sale of the vehicles, and will do so from 2040 onwards. Pretty much all the main traditional car makers are working on their own versions joining the ranks of ‘electric-only’ companies such as Tesla.

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