Electric car battery breakthrough – 200 mile range can be recharged in minutes 0

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For all their obvious benefits, electric cars to date have all had an obvious achilles heel – charging – and the lengthy time it takes to do it. This has been one of the major stalling points of a widespread adoption of electric vehicles by the British public.

That particular issue could potentially be a thing of the past however, as developers have revealed breakthrough plans for a battery that can be recharged in just six minutes, thereby skirting round the issue of ‘range anxiety’ felt by the majority of car buyers.  

Tech giants Toshiba have unveiled a new type of battery that uses a pioneering “titanium niobium oxide’ anode material and is capable of achieving a range of 200 miles on a single charge. Whilst that range is nothing exceptional compared to existing batteries, the claimed recharge time of just six minutes is a potentially revolutionary game changer.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Toshiba said: “The new battery also offers high energy density and ultra-rapid recharging characteristics, and its titanium niobium oxide anode is much less likely to experience lithium metal deposition during ultra-rapid recharging or recharging in cold conditions—a cause of battery degradation and internal short circuiting.”

Dr. Osamu Hori, Director of Corporate Research & Development Center at Toshiba Corporation, commented on the announcement: “We are very excited by the potential of the new titanium niobium oxide anode and the next-generation SCiBTM.

“Rather than an incremental improvement, this is a game changing advance that will make a significant difference to the range and performance of EV.

“We will continue to improve the battery’s performance and aim to put the next-generation SCiBTM into practical application in fiscal year 2019.”

Another impressive claim made by Toshiba, is that the battery will retain 90% of its initial capacity as it ages, even after 5,000 charging cycles.

The company plans to introduce the battery by 2019, but has not revealed further specifics.

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