Elon Musk accelerates Tesla’s driverless research via Twitter 0


Want to work for Tesla? Want to be a part of “ramping up the Autopilot software team at Tesla to achieve generalised full autonomy”? Just apply below!

That’s right coders, Elon Musk is recruiting via Twitter. On top of the Autopilot features Tesla already provide, Musk is now on the hunt for “hardcore software engineers” to help the company realise full autonomous driving.


Musk has previously said he believes full automation of Tesla’s cars will be ready within the next three years. Now that will be an impressive time scale if the electric heavyweights can pull it off. Currently in beta mode, the Tesla Autopilot has been featured in the headlines recently… and not always for good reasons.

One driver – perhaps fool would be better suited – decided to film his Tesla Model S whilst on Autopilot and almost crashed into an oncoming car. As it says on the tin: it’s not suitable for hands-free yet! But with the bad, comes the good. The Autopilot function also saved an Uber driving from colliding with a car cutting across a busy highway.

Tesla has a fair amount of competitors now, with most major carmakers and the big tech companies all joining the race to create self-driving systems. So, social media recruitment is actually quite a good idea to stay ahead of the game.

We feel Musk has big things planned. Watch this driverless space.