Flying car with electric wings offers freedom from traffic jams 0

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This sounds ominously similar to a news piece from Tomorrow’s’ World in the mid 1980s…

Russian company, Hoversurf, have shown off their latest concept – a flying car with retractable wings that can fit into any parking space.

Called the ‘Formula Project’, the car can seat five people, take off and land vertically (like a Harrier Jump Jet. Powered by a 52 turbine propulsion unit and 48 electric thrusters, the Formula Project makes for one of the more interesting hybrids you might expect to find on the roads (and skies).
With an uber-lightweight aerodynamic body made from 3D printed carbon fibre and metals, the wings fold away allowing the car to fit into a conventional parking space or garage.Hoversurf says that, unlike rival flying car concepts, its Formula Project vehicle is “ready to use in real world”.

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“Do you know the problem of all projects of flying cars? They are all made for the future. None of them you can not use today. Impossible to parked at the store or put in a garage,” the company says on its website.

“Formula – is created for the present day. You will not notice how quickly it will become a part of your life – conveniently and safely.”

The company has a history of making bold statements, earlier this year it announced police in Dubai would would be its hoverbike – the Scorpion 3 – to patrol the city.  

The Scorpion 3 is capable of flying five metres above the ground for up to 25 minutes, hitting speeds of up to 43mph and carry up to 300kg of weight.

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