Jaguar Land Rover to launch electric car 0

jaguar-land-rover-to-launch-electric-carJaguar Land Rover is set to join the ranks of the electric vehicle manufacturers when they release their own version, currently slated for a 2020 launch. JLR – Britain’s largest car manufacturer – is working in conjunction with Ford and Tata Motors to test connected and automated vehicles in the UK.

The new car is expected to be placed within the crossover segment – combining passenger car and SUV qualities – but no official statement has yet been released as to when an announcement can be expected.

Over half a million cars are produced by JLR in the UK each year, 80% of which are exported.

The company has been focusing heavily on autonomous cars of late, a fleet set to be introduced by 2020. The company made tentative steps towards electric development last year, with an announcement that it was to enter the Formula E electric car championship. Speculation naturally followed that the racing car’s technology would be used as a blueprint for a future JLR electric fleet. Increasingly tighter emissions legislation is prompting car manufacturers to embrace the cleaner technology faster than ever before.

Regulations imposed by the EU have stipulated that JLR needs to reduce its combined fleet emissions by 45% by 2020, compared with the 2007 level. Penalties will be imposed if this is not accomplished.

Electric car development has pretty much been embraced fully by the majority of the big players. Recently Toyota revealed their electric car intentions despite having always been a major supporter of petrol/electric hybrids, plus fuel cell vehicles.

Last week, Toyota’s executive vice-president said: “The answer to Toyota’s ultimate eco-car is clearly the fuel-cell vehicle and our view has not changed. But just as we have a full line-up in terms of vehicle types and geographical reach, eco-cars are no exception. We want to have a system in place that would enable us to consider the launch of an electric vehicle.”

Volkswagen meanwhile is aiming to have converted 25% of its sales to electric by 2025. The first half of this year saw electric sales up 57% to 285,000. For the first time, the amount of electric cars of the world’s roads now exceeds 1 million.

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