Low emission cars and environment 1

Low emission vehicles are being promoted not just nationally but globally throughout the world too. Its effects for the environment compared to that of petrol and diesel cars are extremely beneficial, making cities cleaner with less pollution. This allows people to live healthier by not having to breathe in polluted air created from burnt fuel let out by exhausts. The pollution caused by cars in which people are susceptible to breathe in may lead to an increased risk of diseases such as lung disease or cancer. Pollution from cars can also act as a catalyst for acidic rain. Acidic rain can be a problem for nature by severely damaging plants.

There are also effects from car pollution that can damage the planet as well. Car pollution contributes significantly to global warming and it has been strongly recommended that it needs to be cut down. This leads to things such as weather patterns changing which can then affect oceans, plants as well as wildlife, not for the better.

What’s the difference between a hybrid and electric car? Electric cars run purely on electricity to run whereas Hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and fuel.

With electric cars there are zero emissions coming from the vehicle when in use, making the car very environmentally friendly. The heart of the car is its electric battery, with that being the power source to run absolutely everything. Combining with a controller which then runs an electric motor, the battery can be recharged from a dedicated power station on the street or at some petrol stations.     Electric cars also defect the problem away from potential oil shortages. With no need for petrol or oil the cars are simply charged from provided power stations, reducing fuel demands.

Hybrid cars produce very low emissions making the vehicle significantly more environmentally friendly compared to a conventional car. Typically two or more power sources combine within a Hybrid car in order for it to function. These power sources consist of a gas engine, electric batteries and electric motors. The vehicle is not very dependent on the gas engine resulting in low emission and excellent fuel efficiency.

With the demand the oil increasingly on the up which in turn raises petrol prices for motorists, it seems the way forward is certainly Hybrid and Electric cars.  The technology is very advanced and is still developing, with many motorists deciding to save on fuel bills as well toll charges they are opting for the new electric cars and hybrid cars. Manufacturers also promise not to comprise the driving experience, giving more attraction to Greener cars.

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