More iPhone 6 problems 0

iphoneRepairSince the iPhone 6 launch, there have been a couple of major problems reported. We’ve already heard how the phone bends, but now car owners are reporting that the phone doesn’t to their car via Bluetooth.

There have been plenty of complaints on Apple’s online forums and Twitter. Some have pointed out that a connection can be established but it works partially. Some owners have said that music can be played but sending and receiving phone calls will not work. Even when music is played, it is almost immediately cut off. Others have complained that Bluetooth doesn’t work at all.

Cars with most complaints

In America, the majority of complaints are coming from owners of Acura, Nissan, BMW, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Honda. One particular case in the States claimed that a Mercedes-Benz customer service manager said that the iPhone device has not yet been synchronized with Mercedes’ satellites. Mercedes-Benz has not confirmed if that is the case.

Not an operating system related issue

It seems as if the problem is related to the iPhone 6 alone, not the iOS 8 software update. The iPhone 5 and the 5s with the latest updates have Bluetooth connections that work. Resetting the phone to the factory settings doesn’t help according to many.

Specific issues reported

·         The phone switches from Bluetooth to Phone when dialling a number. The audio plays through the speakers of the phone rather than the car. The drivers must make manually make the iPhone play through the car speakers.

·         The USB car sync app does not work. The USB connection charges the phone only but doesn’t play music.

·         The iPhone must be restarted and paired with the phone every time the car starts.

·         In the Kia Optima 2015 model, the iPhone 5s calls the last dialled number.

Apple phones have had other problems too. An update to the Apple iOS has meant that apps are crashing more frequently. Problems with Apple products are common immediately after they launch. Apple have not yet revealed any details of this particular Bluetooth issue.