Nissan prepare ‘one pedal’ electric car 0


With the news that Britain is set to ban all diesel and petrol cars from 2040, Nissan is currently preparing a new edition of its popular electric Leaf model, which utilises just one pedal for both accelerating and decelerating.

The concept may sound potentially dangerous, but the next-gen Nissan Leaf will feature technology that allows the driver to turn the pedal into an ‘e-pedal’ which the Japanese car giant claims is safer than the traditional pedal system. The Leaf will still have a reserve brake pedal for emergencies.

Nissan say that the e-pedal will incorporate 90% of a driver’s needs. BY applying pressure to the pedal, the car will accelerate. When the pedal is no longer depressed, the brakes kick in.

The car maker believes that this new method will allow better control on winding roads. Drivers not keen on the idea can still switchback to traditional controls and pedals.

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