Nissan tease future wireless charging for electric cars 0

Nissan, a leader in the electric car market, released a teaser video for a new wireless charging system. Aptly named the ‘Fuel Station of the Future’, it appears that the inductive system will charge electric cars via the road.


In a time when autonomous technology is on the rise and electric cars are becoming a solid option for environmentally conscious buyers, charging development is crucial. Nissan already have electric vehicles available in their range, including the Nissan Leaf, which is the best-selling electric car in the UK.

The 20-second teaser video shows a Nissan Leaf coming to a stop outside a lit kerb. The curb turns from green to blue, indicating the car’s battery has been charged. If Nissan and its collaborators, Foster + Partners, can create a wireless, inductive charging system for public roads, this will dramatically increase the development and sales of electric vehicles.


“As we look ahead at the next 10 years, autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and greater connectivity will come at a great pace,” says David Nelson, Head of Design at Foster + Partners. “Pre-empting those developments and integrating technologies to offer urbanites a totally seamless experience is vital.”

Whilst it’s rumoured that other car manufacturers are developing similar technologies, Nissan is the first to publically announce it. Although, don’t expect it to be available soon. The company expect testing to run for about five years before the public get to use it.


Nissan will reveal more about the charging technology, including a demonstration, at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year.

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You can watch the short teaser below via the Nissan Europe Twitter page: