Robots could soon be booking your car into be serviced 0

Robots-could-soon-be-booking-your-car-into-be-servicedYou can buy, trade, and sell your car online and while this isn’t a new phenomenon, a new study recently revealed that a fifth of cars will be bought online by 2027 – putting 27,000 dealership jobs at risk.

The same thing is happening in the servicing sector. Motorists have the ability to book their car in for an MOT, service or repair from the comfort of their own home, on the move or even at work.

The role of an in-person salesman is rapidly deteriorating, and instead, we see offices and contact centres full of salespeople emailing and live-chatting to their heart’s content. While this may be the case for most, Servicing Stop will be using robots instead.

As Servicing Stop continues to grow – its workforce of over 100 employees will remain the same. For the past three years the servicing company has operated at over 100% growth seeing millions more visitors flock to the site each year – but their employee base hasn’t changed much and it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence.

Robots will not be servicing the cars of course but rather the trained artificial intelligence systems will have the capacity to book a customer in for a service, organise the collection of the vehicle, the completion of the service and have it safely returned to the customer’s home or work address.

There are already advanced algorithms working behind the scenes which have allowed the company to single-handedly move the automotive industry into a digital age offering servicing at a touch of a button.

Servicing Stop have a front-end algorithm on the website that uses machine learning to help generate pricing for every car. This algorithm uses the make and model of car, age and location as well as conversion rate and cost of service to generate a competitive price for the customer – this algorithm is used to generate up to 1.2 million different prices.

The second algorithm used by the start-up is for allocating customer bookings to local garages. It is also used in managing the efficiency of the 1,500 strong garage network. Using the make and model of car along with distance, nps score, profitability, average transaction value, parts pricing, amount of work advised and various other metrics, the company is able to ensure mechanics are not overcharging or under advising work that may be due. This algorithm helps ensure the customer gets the best service from the garage selected to complete the service; it also means that garages with the lowest customer satisfaction scores are last in line to receive the most jobs.

The third and final algorithm currently in place is for parts pricing to maximize Servicing Stop’s conversion rate and uptake of extra work. It uses millions of data points from it’s own system and external parts companies to generate a price for the customer. This algorithm allows the company to then maximize its pricing to increase customer retention rate and uptake of work – this seamlessly generates a price for the customer.

This advanced technology is already drawing 91% of it’s own customer base online. It seems it’s the nation’s favourite way of booking in their cars too as a study by the provider found a massive 79% of motorists prefer booking their car into be serviced online. Just 15% prefer to book over the phone and a mere 6% chose to drive into a garage. As more customers head over to the company’s website, the robots will replace the salesman in every form making way for a more efficient, economically friendly recruitment process.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “The technology we have today is limitless and it’s growing even more intelligent every day. We started our company as an online booking provider in 2009 and we have since not only become a consumer favourite but a leader in this type of technology. Our new algorithms and artificial intelligence will allow us to grow even bigger than ever expected while not having to recruit a single employee. These robots so to speak will also be more efficient, making no room for error and making the customer journey even more effortless than before. It’s an exciting time to be in the tech and automotive industry.”

This guest blog was written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon.

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