Samsung to develop in-car tech and driverless cars 0

Oh look, another tech company is joining the car industry. First we had Google, then Apple, then Baidu, and now Samsung has put its money into the ring.




Samsung Electronics is setting up a division with the sole purpose to focus on automotive-related technology. The company said they will be looking into infotainment systems for cars and driverless/autonomous technology.

Details were sparse as the company announced its new venture, with no indication of how big the new car-focused team will be, nor exactly when research and development will begin. Although Samsung is rather late to the in-car tech party, the popularity of their smartphones should help them squeeze into the market.

Apple has already teamed up with various car manufacturers to have their infotainment system CarPlay inside vehicles, as have companies like Microsoft and more recently LG Electronics. The market for in-car technology is vastly expanding, with drivers wanting, and willing to pay for, more connectivity from their cars. The media packages brands offer when purchasing a new car continue to grow and the future looks like we might be seeing Samsung in there too.

The auto infotainment market is estimated to be worth around $500 billion, so it’d be crazy for Samsung not to want a piece of the action. These in-car elements would come first, with the driverless vehicle advances coming later.

The South Korean company are far behind the likes of Google and Baidu in the autonomous driving front – Apple are yet to reveal anything – but perhaps in the next few years we’ll be seeing a driverless Samsung car testing on our roads…

What are your thoughts on the surge of tech companies collaborating with the auto industry?