The electric car company building a $1bn factory… Who is Faraday Future? 1

There’s a new kid on the electric block and they’re already sparking interest.

Faraday Future (FF), the mysterious California-based new car company, is filling media headlines this week. The fairly unknown electric car start-up announced that they are looking for a location in the US to build a $1 billion factory to begin production on their all-electric vehicle.

Hoping to be ready by 2017, the company has narrowed down their choices to four locations: Nevada, Georgia, California and Louisiana.

The only image the website offers of what FF will bring to the automotive industry.

The only image the website offers of what FF will bring to the automotive industry.

The electric auto industry is rapidly growing, with the car-making heavyweights like Toyota and Tesla, and tech companies like Google and Apple all getting involved. Chinese-backed FF is said to be creating a luxury electric vehicle that will rival those of Tesla Motors. A company source has revealed that, “They told us from the start that this is China’s response to Tesla.”

On all their social media platforms they promise: FF will deliver a range of seamlessly connected electric vehicles & unique ownership models. There is certainly room in the market for more sophisticated car technologies, but the competition is growing. Faraday spokeswoman Stacy Morris believes they know what buyers want, “People’s lives are changed by their mobile devices… The car industry hasn’t caught up sufficiently. The car still feels like a place where you’re disconnected.”

The website is sleek and understated, with no more information available than FF are prepared to reveal. They say, “We believe the automotive experience should integrate seamlessly with the rest of your life. When creating our vehicle, we began with four wheels but we are re-envisioning everything else.” Although they’re remaining quiet on the vehicle design, we bet it’ll look quite spectacular thanks to former BMW designer Richard Kim at the helm. On the Faraday Future’s Instagram page, it says that Kim leads a team of designers from BMW, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

“This is the dawn of tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the horizon.” - FF's Twitter feed.

“This is the dawn of tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the horizon.” – FF’s Twitter feed.

As well as Kim, FF has recruited several former Tesla employees. Senior Vice President of Research and Development is Nick Sampson, previously employed as Tesla’s Director of Vehicle and Chassis Development, and Dag Reckhorn as Vice President of Global Manufacturing, formerly titled Tesla’s Director of Manufacturing on the Tesla Model S, to name a couple.

Not only do we not know much about the company or its electric plans, we’re also in the dark about ownership. Morris told the press “There’s a significant investor who wants the company to stand on its own merit before being associated with it.” Although nothing is confirmed, reports suggest that said investor is Jai Yueting; a multi-billionaire looked at as ‘China’s version of Steve Jobs’.

With the company offering little information, speculation is filling in the gaps. Rumours have even begun circulating that the company could be a front for the top-secret Apple car – which, as it happens, is also an unconfirmed rumour.

Will Elon Musk be quivering in his electrified boots? This could be Tesla’s first real competitor.



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