Virtual satellite navigation on your windscreen from Jaguar 0

JLR-windscreen-technologySatellite navigation instructions can now be projected on to your windscreen thanks to technology developed by Jaguar.

The British luxury car company have created the technology with a view to push it out on its current line-up of cars. It is part of the company’s new Virtual Windscreen technology. A 360 degree view is available within alongside a ‘Follow Me’ ghost car display.

Plans for release of the technology are sooner rather than later. Video projection is used on the windscreen, transforming the usually static feature into a virtual feature. A ghost image of the car ahead will be projected onto the windscreen. The navigation system will also clearly show the driver which exit to take depending on their required route.

Cloud computing integrated

Cloud computing will also be integrated within the ‘Urban Windscreen System’. This will be a pretty handy feature, as it will display prices of nearby petrol stations or even available parking spaces within local car parks.

Jaguar’s Director of Research and Technology, Dr Wolfgang Epple has said that “Driving on city streets can be a stressful experience, but imagine being able to drive across town without having to look at road signs, or be distracted trying to locate a parking space.”

No more blindspots to worry about

Blindspots will essentially be eliminated. Jaguar’s new windscreen technology will get rid of A, B and C-pillar blindspots. A 360 degree windscreen view will be utilized in order to achieve this. It will do so by using screens which will be embedded through these specific pillars.

This will make motorway driving a lot easier, and safer. When a driver attempts to change lane, when their eyes change direction, the appropriate pillar screen will show exactly what is behind that particular blind spot.

If a driver indicated to turn into junction or change lane, when they move their head to manoeuvre the relevant pillar screen will immediately display the image of what’s behind it. This should make urban and motorway driving significantly easier and safer. This will go on to prove Dr Epple’s claim of the technology provide the “right information at the right time”.

Reducing accidents and increasing road safety

One of the main attractions of the new Jaguar and Land Rover technology is that it will reduce potential accidents. Enhanced road safety is always a feature which will be popular amongst motorists. The company’s ‘Urban Windscreen System’ is certainly a system which is innovative and will enhance their overall reputation.