Volkswagen XL1 comes with enormous price tag 0

xl1The Volkswagen XL1 will arrive in the UK this autumn and will come a huge price tag. Just 200 of the efficient plug in hybrids will be built, each costing £98.515.

The vehicle will be made in the Volkswagen’s Osnabruck factory in Germany. Just 30 of them will make their way here to UK showrooms.

If it wasn’t already difficult enough to purchase the XL1,  it seems as if most of them have already been snapped up. A lot of interest has already been registered according to sources from Volkswagen.

Inside the vehicle comes a plug in hybrid powertrain. This outstanding piece of machinery runs both a 47 BHP 800cc two cylinder diesel engine,  using Volkswagen’s TDI technology and an electric motor, which is able to power a maximum of 27 BHP. The rear wheel receives a total of 74 BHP to the rear wheels. This is all mated to a modified seven speed DSG transmission. In electric mode only, the car is able to travel for 31 miles producing no emissions.

One of the simplest way of ensuring a car is more efficient is by shedding its weight. Volkswagen have done just that with this car. The car has a significant amount of carbon fibre on its body rather than steel or iron, which equates to just a quarter of the vehicle’s body. The wing mirrors have been replaced with small cameras. The XL1 has also been aerodynamically optimised with a wind tunnel which is shaped like a ‘tear drop’ with covers the rear wheels of the car. The kerb weight of the car is down to an impressive 795 kg.

So what is the most impressive section of the car? First of all it can offer an outstanding 313 MPG emitting just 21g/km of C02. It will officially be the world’s most efficient liquid fuelled production vehicle. Project Manager, Lianne Mcknight said the Volkswagen XL1 is the future of driving here today. The car sounds pretty awesome to us, despite the high price tag.