Want to know what cars will be like when you’re fifty (or older)? 0

Blog 4 31-08

The development of vehicle technology seems to have accelerated in recent years. Okay,  we’re yet to crack flying cars but surely it’s only a matter of time. Autonomous, self driving cars – the idea of which would have sounded ridiculous not so long ago – are already on the not so distant horizon, and a raft of exciting new concepts are also being innovated to take car travel to the next level.

So what else can we expect over the coming decades? Well, the good people at RegTransfers have created a handy tool that allows users to enter their date-of-birth, then tells them how old they will be when certain exciting new features are expected to roll out.  

The tool works as an infographic and includes the introduction of fingerprint technology (the type you may already use on your smartphone) which could be with us as soon as 2020.

2021 is expected to see light detection and ranging systems allow vehicles to ‘sense’ other traffic around them in real time.

The speed at which autonomous car development is going should see self-driving cars with us in earnest by 2026.

2035 will see tyres that can be 3D printed, never go flat and don’t need to be replaced.

By 2050, you should be able to see through your car’s panels as if they were invisible.

See what developments you can expect within your lifetime, by clicking the link below.


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