A look back at the Nissan S-Cargo (1989 – 1992) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Nissan-S-CargoOkay, it wasn’t the most physically attractive of vehicles, but what it did do; it did well and with the minimum amount of fuss. Let’s face it; it was never going to be taken completely seriously.

The Nissan S-Cargo was an ingeniously styled (and titled) small van. Initially based on the K10 Micra and built by the Pike Factory, it was inspired by the Citroen 2CV van, and even boasted (if that’s the right word) a single spoke steering wheel.

The Nissan S-Cargo first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989, and was rolled out to showrooms the following year. Around 12,000 S-Cargos were manufactured – subsequently shipped out all over the globe as a ‘speciality’ delivery vehicle.

Nowadays, they retain a special affection amongst enthusiasts, despite the difficulty in obtaining parts.

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