City of Florence gets fleet of electric Nissan taxis 0

City of Florence gets fleet of electric Nissan taxis

Nissan’s flagship electric vehicle, the Leaf, is becoming increasingly popular with cab companies the world over. Florence is the latest city to embrace the Japanese carmaker’s compact, green little runaround and has ordered a fleet of 67 to operate as taxis around the historic Italian city.

The municipality recently opened 70 new taxi licences exclusively for electric vehicles and the Leaf has overwhelmingly been the car of choice. In a shrewd PR move, Nissan have also thrown in a free Wifi hotspot service.

There has been a seismic shift in attitudes within taxi companies the world over, with the realisation that electric vehicles running costs vastly undercut those of conventional diesel and petrol cars.

Nissan is not the only carmaker benefitting from the change in attitudes, other EV models are also proving popular, Tesla has 100 Model S units working as taxis at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and Montreal has a fleet of Soul EVs working the streets. That said, Nissan is possibly the EV front runner in Europe with regards to taxi usage. In addition to Florence, the Leaf is already used in Madrid and London. Nissan themself say that over 1,000 of their electric vehicles have already been sold to cab companies across Europe.    

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