Formula 1 commentator left with red face after saucy text appears on phone 0


Not exactly Nissan related but worth a share nonetheless.

You can always count on your mates to seize any moment they can to embarass you. Unfortunately for Formula 1 TV pundit Ted Kravitz, the moment his pals chose came as he was displaying his smartphone to millions of viewers during the recent Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

He was using the phone to show the viewers images of rookie New Zealand driver Brendon Hartley driving carts as a child. As the camera was focused close-up on the screen, one eagle eyed friend of Kravitz saw his opportunity and texted the work ‘C*CK’.

It’s always a bit of risk when you do this because people text you with certain messages,’ Kravitz said as he swiftly pulled the device away.


Fortunately the majority of viewers didn’t mind the obscenity, most seeing the funny side. One tweeted: “Brilliant! @TedKravitz shows a photo on his phone on tv….so a quick thinking mate sends him a text that simply reads “Cock” and yes, we all saw it Ted!!”       


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