Nissan halts production in Japan over inspection concerns 0


Nissan has halted car production in Japan over fears about its inspection process. The cessation has caused the firm’s shares to fall by 2%.

Six Japanese Nissan factories are to stop production while the firm ensures regulations are being complied with.

The decision follows the recall of 1.2 million cars checked by non-certified inspectors.

Japan’s Minister for Transport, Keiichi Ishii, said it was unknown how long the misconduct had been going on.

His comments came in response to a report by national broadcaster NHK, which said the practice had been carrying on for 20 years.

Nissan has not officially responded to the NHK report, but the company’s chief executive, Hiroto Saikawa said the company’s procedure for regulating their inspection staff had been the same for the past two decades.

The inspections by unqualified inspectors continued even after Nissan had announced it had restructured its checks following the breaking of the story in September.

Vehicles intended for Nissan’s overseas exports are set to continue as the vehicles are subject to a seperate testing process.

Nissan is Japan’s second-largest carmaker; the company produced roughly 79,300 passenger and commercial vehicles in Japan in August, including 27,600 for the domestic market.

The revelations come at a bad time for Japan, its reputation as a quality car maker is already under threat following the recent Kobe Steel scandal and Takata Airbags recall.

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