Car sales are on the up 0

For the first time in over a year, car sales have risen. What does this mean for the UK car industry? How much should we read into it? August saw 59,346 cars sold, which is considerable increase from exactly a year ago from that point.  Overall, sales of monthly car registrations have increased. The figure(…)

The unique Citroen Tubik 0

Citroen are releasing a new concept van, which will be shown at this year’s Frankfurt motor show. It looks different from any other car or vehicle made for that matter. Design The Tubik stands at 480cm long, 208cm wide and 205cm in height. The van from the outside looks very futuristic. With an aluminium look(…)

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 1

The Frankfurt motor is one the biggest car shows on the planet. Held every 2 years, it’s an amazing display of cars from the most prestigious manufacturers around the world. Since 1897, the show prospered attracting more and more interest throughout the years. In 2003 the show was reported to have had over 1 million visitors, with(…)

Value of used cars down this year 0

Autotrader have confirmed that the average price of a used car have been reduced for the second quarter of this year. Figures were taken from advertisements of second hand cars across The company are the biggest online car dealership, with them claiming to account for 80% of all cars sold in the UK. Prices(…)

The new Honda Civic 0

The Honda Civic car is iconic for decades now, owned by all types of drivers seen in many parts throughout the UK. The latest addition is due to be seen at the Frankfurt Motor show later this year with great interest around the world. There are no official details regarding the car (Kerb weight, the(…)

How to vamp your car up before selling it 0

When selling your car there are many ways to ensure that you are getting the maximum for it. We take a look into how exactly you’ll be able to get the most out of your cars appeal. The better the car looks, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers. Washing and waxing the(…)

Save money with these car repairs before it’s too late 0

We all know repairs are expensive and hard to deal with. You may end up paying more when certain repairs are not seen in time.  Check out our list of various repairs that will save you money in the future. Engine oil Your engine gets severely damaged when it doesn’t have enough oil to feed(…)

Riots and its effects on cars 0

The unparalleled riots throughout the country have caused shock throughout the world. People’s livelihoods, homes and some lives have been lost. We take a look into how cars were affected. Car insurance Car’s were burnt and damaged beyond repair in the riots. Many insurance companies have small prints saying that in acts of “riots, war,(…)

Tips for passing your driving test 2

Your driving test can be one of the most nerve racking experiences of your life. This article will give you a few tips to help ease your nerves and give you more chance of passing. In order to pass your driving test you can’t make more than 15 minor faults. One serious or dangerous fault(…)

A second opportunity for winning a free car service 0

We would like to congratulate Anthonina Komiatis on winning a free car service for August’s raffle. Anthonia was the lucky winner from 290 followers. All she did was become a fan of Servicing Stop on Facebook. There are still 4 more car services to be given away Now it’s your turn to win. Don’t miss(…)