New Convertibles for 2011 0

By normal standards 2010 was a poor year for convertible fans, so what’s in store for convertible fans in 2011? The recession made it difficult for car manufactures to create budgets for the development of convertibles. Since then the car industry has recovered well and 2011 looks a lot more promising. As it’s the summer,(…)

Sesto Elemento 0

The latest edition of the Lamborghini range was introduced in 2011 as the most expensive car in the world. At a price of £1.77 million, £280,000 more expensive than the Bugatti Veyron the car is not even roadworthy due to its extreme lightweight body made of carbon fibre. In fact is the lightest car that(…)

Low emission cars and environment 1

Low emission vehicles are being promoted not just nationally but globally throughout the world too. Its effects for the environment compared to that of petrol and diesel cars are extremely beneficial, making cities cleaner with less pollution. This allows people to live healthier by not having to breathe in polluted air created from burnt fuel(…)

How to prepare your car for the summer 0

For the glorious and at times rare sunshine that Britain has to offer, this can bring about an uncomfortable drive. The uncomforting feel inside a car during the summer can be down the blistering heat, with temperatures inside a car being able to reach 40 degrees! There are measures that could be taken in order(…)

How to cope with traffic jams? 0

Sitting through a traffic jam can feel like complete agony to many British motorists. The stress caused is typical for drivers every morning when they carry out their normal routines like going to work or going on the school run. Motorists then go through it again when returning home on the same journey. No matter(…)

What has happened to Toyota after the tsunami in Japan? 0

Recently there was a devastating tsunami in Japan that lost 350 lives, destroyed buildings and also many cars. Measured at  7.3 magnitude on the Richter Scale over 2 months ago the disaster struck and just recently another earthquake hit the same region of the northeast coast. With the car industry being severely affected from the(…)

Is the Roadster market about to be blown wide open? 1

Many roadsters are already currently on the market and they certainly do have plenty of takers. The huge fan base around the world is certain to be happy at the news that the Volkswagen group consisting of Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche will be releasing three new roadsters. The three will be similar in some mechanical(…)

Is the classic MG Metro making a comeback? 1

Since news of MG’s revival with the release of the MG6, news has been circulating about another car in the pipeline. The MG3, which looks like it will be based on a old “Metro” has been developed in the Longbridge factory and looks set for release in 2011 ( although release in the UK hasn’t(…)

Action on petrol price rise 1

With the price of crude oil dropping, many of Britain’s motorists are wondering why the price of petrol seems to be constantly on the rise. The prices at the pumps are continually on the rise which is increasingly frustrating motorists.  There is a common feeling around the UK that everyone is getting ripped off. In(…)

Good 4 Tyres 0

Every motorist’s tyres need inspecting fairly regularly. Tyres will of course wear down naturally with time and certain driving habits, such as aggressive driving and harsh braking. Checking tyres for wear and tear is essential for drivers and passenger’s safety and it is also against the law not to comply with the specified tread depths.(…)