The history of Black Friday 0

By David McNeill When did Black Friday become a thing? Like many people, I can’t remember when it was that Black Friday actually became ‘a thing’. I just assumed it was another example of the UK becoming ‘Americanised’, a cynical, made-up celebration driven by multinational retailers seizing the easy opportunity to whip consumers into a(…)

Black Friday Mistakes – Servicing Stop tips on what not to do 0

It’s almost that time again. Black Friday. The most retail-heavy day of the year is back, bringing with it all the contrasting emotions that ‘making a great saving’ bring. Exhausting, isn’t it? The fear that you could be missing out on some sort of mega deal lingers throughout the day. Shoppers are driven to extreme(…)

Aston Martin to stop making cars if no Brexit deal 0

In news that will be sure to worry Commander James Bond, Aston Martin have said that if no Brexit deal is reached, a temporary halt in their production of cars may be inevitable. The iconic car maker’s CFO, Mark Wilson has said the implications of the UK leaving the EU without a deal could prove(…)

RAESR reveal 240 mph electric car you can buy! 0

It looks like a prop from the set of Blade Runner 2049 but this vision of the future is actually closer than you think. Built by RAESR, this roller-skate resembling prototype is a brand new concept called the Tachyon Speed. Nice eh? The really cool thing is: apparently you’ll be able to buy one. There’s(…)

Motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned 0

A new survey has found that motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned, preferring to have a big name supermarket to visit instead. Pubs located along UK motorways don’t seem to be such a big hit with British motorists, with many saying they’re one of the things they’d most like to(…)

Schumacher family hoping for medical miracle 0

The family of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher are said to be praying for a ‘medical miracle’. The seven time World Champion has been unable to walk or talk following a skiing accident in 2013. Despite emerging from a coma six months after the head injury, Schumacher has been confined to a wheelchair. Despite this,(…)

Feast your eyes: The new Bentley Continental GT3 0

Sometimes words just just don’t do justice. This is one of those occasions when you should just sit back and let the truly splendid thing you’re casting your eyes upon do the talking. But this is a motoring blog so I should try I suppose. Okay, so this is the new Bentley Continental GT3 racer,(…)

Traditional car engines to be dead by 2050 says Toyota boss 0

Toyota believe the bell has tolled for the internal combustion engine. The prediction, that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered comes from the company’s head of advanced research and development, Seigo Kuzumaki. The prediction comes as electric car production finally starts like hitting the numbers long forecast; much tighter emissions regulations are also encouraging(…)

A look back at the Renault 5 (1972 – 1974) 0

There are so few Renault 5s are still on the roads (rust has taken its toll) it’s hard to truly convey to those born after 1984 what a mainstay of UK motoring (yes, I know they’re French) they were only not so long ago. The creation of designer Michel Boue; he would tragically die just(…)

Top tips for driving in towns and cities 0

Let’s not beat around the bush – driving in town is usually a slog. A true test of one’s self-discipline and restraint. For those fortunate/unfortunate to live in one of the UK’s major conurbations, the conditions we can expect to face on a daily basis are well known. For those not so familiar with grid-locked(…)