Singapore to freeze car numbers 0

Singapore is to freeze the amount of vehicles on its roads from next February. The tiny but densely populated country has made the decision to cap numbers based on the scarcity of land and recent improvements to transport infrastructure. In addition to the plans to control car numbers, Singapore already employs a policy where the(…)

Extremely rare £1.5 million supercar damaged in crash 0

A £1.5 million supercar, described as “extremely rare” has been badly damaged in a crash in West Sussex. The Pagani Zonda, capable of 200 mph, crashed on the A27 at Tangmere. Sussex police said no-one was injured in the crash but the car itself, a one-off Italian-made supercar, was left with “significant damage”. Various reports(…)

Halloween special: The five scariest cars to drive 0

Halloween is almost upon us; groups of small ghosts and goblins walk the streets (hopefully not armed with eggs or anything else unpleasant when you come up short on the confectionary front). Over the years there have been a fair amount of stinkers on our roads too. We thought we’d take a look at this(…)

Formula One: The worst teams 0

Continuing our look back at some of the worst teams to grace the hallowed tarmac of Formula 1, our retrospective today shines its less than illustrious spotlight on… Number #09 – Life The springy, upbeat name was the only positive for this stinker. The Life team was a total catastrophe from start to finish. The(…)

London’s fight against toxic car fumes gains momentum with £10 T-Charge 0

Drivers of the most polluting vehicles on the roads may now have to pay a daily charge of as much as £21.50 to enter central London. The £10 T-Charge came into effect last week meaning drivers of older, more polluting vehicles entering central London will now have to pay an extra £10 on top of(…)

Toyota unveils new ‘emotional’ concepts 0

The Tokyo Motor Show has seen Toyota unveil two new concepts that show off the brand’s vision for the future. The two tiny electric cars are said to be able to guide their drivers away from danger by ‘sensing’ their emotions. The two vehicles – the Concept i-Ride and the Concept i-Walk – are the(…)

Renault ‘months ahead’ with 2018 Formula 1 engine 0

Renault has said that compared to this time last year, it is “months” ahead with its new F1 engine for the 2018 season, and has gone someway to solving the reliability issues that dogged the team in the current season. The 2017 season saw the French team make significant improvements with regards to engine performance,(…)

100-year old Peugeot expected to start bidding war 0

A 100-year-old Peugeot race car is set to start a bidding war amongst classic collectors, and is expected to fetch a whopping £4 million when it goes under the hammer. The 1913 L45 was one of the great speedsters of its time, capable of 100 mph (faster than a modern day Peugeot 108). The hefty(…)

Nissan halts production in Japan over inspection concerns 0

Nissan has halted car production in Japan over fears about its inspection process. The cessation has caused the firm’s shares to fall by 2%. Six Japanese Nissan factories are to stop production while the firm ensures regulations are being complied with. The decision follows the recall of 1.2 million cars checked by non-certified inspectors. Japan’s(…)

Volvo unveils the Polestar 1: Sweden’s first electric sports car 0

Volvo and its Chinese parent company Geely have revealed a ambitious mass market hybrid electric sports car. The vehicle, called the Polestar 1 is described as ”an electric car supported by a traditional internal combustion engine”. Despite being designed in Sweden, the car is set to be manufactured in China, at the Geely plant in(…)