A look back at the Renault 12 (1969 – 1980) 0

The Renault 12 was designed to be an all encompassing replacement for the company’s mid-sized range of saloons, the rear engined R10 in particular which by the late 1960s was looking dated and out of touch with the competition. It was also seen as a potential bridge between the R8 and R16 models and a(…)

Holidaymakers forced to perform stunt-jump to prevent accident 0

Normally, you don’t tend to associate holidays with death-defying stunts and feats of incredible bravery but that was the adrenaline pumping situation one US family found themself in, when the highway drawbridge they were on started to lift. The Naphy family were crossing the Middle Thorofare Bridge in Cape May county on their way to(…)

Nissan Sunderland plant set to increase production by a fifth 0

Nissan have announced they are to increase production by a fifth at its Sunderland plant in an attempt to offset higher costs following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. The Japanese company will also double the amount of parts purchased from domestic sources. Production will increase by 20% to around 600,000 vehicles per annum.(…)

Peugeot driver keeps getting fined because his car gets confused with a Bentley 0

Peugeot and Bentley: two car manufacturers you wouldn’t usually get mixed up (no offence meant to either). Or at least that’s what you’d expect. Try telling that to Peugeot owner Gordon King however, the beleaguered motorist has racked up a whopping seven congestion charge penalty notices over the past 12 months despite the 76 year(…)

Want to know what cars will be like when you’re fifty (or older)? 0

The development of vehicle technology seems to have accelerated in recent years. Okay,  we’re yet to crack flying cars but surely it’s only a matter of time. Autonomous, self driving cars – the idea of which would have sounded ridiculous not so long ago – are already on the not so distant horizon, and a(…)

A look back at the DeLorean DMC-12 (1981 – 1982) 0

Let’s not kid ourselves, there are few people that will look at the DeLorean and not think of the Back to the Future film franchise. The eccentric car with a fascinating backstory has been forever immortalised by the three blockbusting movies from the ‘80s and will always be associated with flux capacitors, Marty McFly and(…)

A look back at the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn (1949 – 1955) 0

The release of the Silver Dawn in 1949 was the first indication that the Rolls-Royce and Bentley ranges were unifying. The car was a badge-engineered Bentley MkVI delivered as a entry level Rolls Royce, aimed at the ludicrously wealthy but slightly less aristocratic customers who didn’t necessarily want to stretch to the extravagance of having(…)

TERROR ON THE ROADS – why banning vans is just the start of the solution 0

This is a guest blog written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon. In the wake of recent terror attacks across the UK and Europe, motorists are now fearing the worst; terrified of becoming victim to a violent car-jacking or driving behind a car that could potentially detonate. Marseille, Barcelona and Catalonia became the latest(…)

Don’t boil the kettle while charging your electric car – warns National Grid 0

Owners of electric cars have been warned not to boil the kettle while charging their electric car as it’s believed the combination will blow the fuse in the majority of UK households. The National Grid believes that it will take a lengthy 19 hours for a car battery to be fully charged using a standard(…)

Driver leaves thieves note after fifth ‘pointless’ break-in 0

A Birmingham driver, fed up with a series of break-ins to his car, left thieves a desperate note pleading with them to stop smashing his windows. The attempt to appeal to the emotions of the perpetrators thanked them for making the owner more aware of car safety, it reads: “You have broken into my car(…)