Audi achieve speed record for self-driving cars 2

Audi have claimed to have achieved a new speed record for self-driving cars. Tests in Germany by the luxury German automaker showed that the Audi RS7 managed to reach a top speed of 149 MPH (240km/h). The car was not driven by anyone, being completely autonomous. The car was driven at the Hockenheim racing circuit(…)

The Rolls-Royce Ghost II Review 1

Any Rolls-Royce model is magnificent, standing at the pinnacle of car industry standards in all aspects. The Ghost model is just below the Phantom, but nevertheless makes for a highly desirable car. The vehicle has been improved a great deal. A brand new eight speed automatic gearbox works in sync with the satellite navigation system(…)

Where are the worst roadworks in the UK? 1

The top 10 worst roadworks in the UK have been revealed. Is your route on the list? Motorists in the UK experience disruptive roadworks, making life difficult when going and coming from work. 2014 has seen the most amounts of roadworks when compared to the rest of the decade. Inrix, a company who provide real-time(…)

Prepare for the hurricane hitting the UK and your MoT test by checking your tyres! 2

With bad winter weather due in the UK very soon, tyre safety campaigns have urged motorists to look at their tyres. It has been revealed that over 2.2 million cars (according to TyreSafe) failed their MoT last year with unsafe or illegal tyres. Surely it makes more sense to check the tyres yourself rather than(…)

Ever wanted to drive a classic Jaguar? 0

Well here’s your chance. Jaguar has launched a classic car driving experience day. You’ll get to drive some of the rarest cars from the British brand has to offer. It will be the first time in the company’s history that the public will be allowed to drive their most prestigious cars. How has all of(…)

The wonders of Renault’s car technology 0

Renault’s technology is sometimes undermined somewhat in what is an extremely tough industry to stand out in. However when taking a closer look, it clear to see that they are unfairly underrated. The French car makers are committed to developing the latest technology, covering all angles in order to stay one step ahead. Clearly it(…)

Want to make some quick money? Cash in on your car tax disc! 0

The death of the paper car tax disc has allowed many motorists the opportunity to cash in. Some listed on eBay are sold for almost £50! Although there are some which are listed for ridiculous sums, some for thousands of pounds, £50 seems to be the more realistic price. Some have sold for around the(…)

Jules Bianchi Update: Formula 1 Virtual Safety car receives backing 0

After Jules Bianchi’s horrendous crash, drivers have backed the idea of a virtual safety car. The FIA have stated that they are making plans for a virtual type of safety car which will make sure that drivers slow down for warning flags. So what would the virtual safety car do? It would limit drivers to(…)

The Amazing Technology of Autonomous Cars 0

Autonomous cars seemed like a concept of impossibility once upon a time. Now however they are becoming more and more of a realistic idea with technology advancing rapidly. The technology has come so far that the likes of Google have had their autonomous vehicle tested for over 700,000 miles. However, although it seems that these(…)

The brand new 2015 Ford Mondeo 1

The Ford Mondeo is one of the UK’s all time favourite cars. After a lot of high anticipation the new 2015 version has been unveiled and has impressed many. Inside and out the car has taken plenty from the American version, the Ford Fusion Saloon. It’s been three years since the Fusion was released, so(…)