Apple CarPlay starts with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo 2

Apple CarPlay is Apple’s new in-car system which comes with Siri, Maps, music applications and more. The announcement of the system was originally made at Apple’s WWDC conference last year. The Apple CarPlay brand is part of a new initiative for Apple to develop iOS with more in-car information and entertainment systems, in line with(…)

Huge buzz behind the brand new Baby Jeep 0

The new Baby Jeep model is set to unveiled at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. However images have been already leaked online which has left many very excited about the Jeep’s appearance next week. Fans can expect it to be in showrooms in by the end of the year or 2015 at the latest. It(…)

Toyota troubles in 2014 0

Back in February Toyota recalled a staggering 1.9 million of the current Prius hybrid model, with production of the vehicle starting in March 2009. The software within the cars have a defect which causes the vehicle to slow down suddenly. The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrids vehicles of all time. Recalls(…)

New Nissan camera technology 1

Nissan have revealed their new Smart rear-view camera technology. This will fully be on display at the Geneva Motor Show as they also unveil the new Nissan Juke, the Nissan BladeGlider concept and the production model of the Nissan e-NV200 van. Nissan’s new rear-view mirror technology uses an LCD screen which displays images from a(…)

How To Be A More Economical Driver 0

Given the huge rise in fuel prices in the UK over recent years, both diesel and petrol, driving with as much efficiency as possible is something that all road users need to take on board. Of course, sometimes you simply have to put your foot down but for everyday motoring a more restrained approach is(…)

The cars with the best residual value – Part 2

The cars with the best residual value – Part 2 0

Today we continue our series on the cars which have the strongest sell on value. BMW 3 Series GT 318d M Sport This particular BMW GT 3 Series can keep 46.9 per cent of it’s value after three years. Brand new it costs £33,150, after three years it will be worth £16,343. The Saloon version(…)

The cars with the best residual value – Part 1 0

We all love cars but sometimes they can be expensive to run. Some of us like to change our cars every so often, so it’s good to buy a vehicle which has a good sell on value. Running a car can prove costly at times. As we all know, fuel isn’t cheap. Filling up at(…)

BMW’s future models 1

The new BMW M3 and M4 The brand new M3 and M4 will produce 430 BHP with a peak torque of 369lb ft. Both will weight under 1,500kg. The M3 will represent the saloon and the M4 will represent the coupe. The engines will be turbocharged straight six, meaning the company is going back to(…)

Council spy cars could be banned 0

Some potentially good news for motorists. Those annoying spy camera cars are under consideration banned in the UK. The law could be changed as soon as January. Many consider them to be an unjust way of councils making money. It is claimed that static and car mounted cameras have been used to issue 10 million(…)

The Mazda 3 fastback 1

The Mazda 3 fastback costs the same as the hatchback.  The car offers more style and excitement when compared to the hatchback. Both cars have been treated to Mazda’s SkyActiv efficiency technology. Engines have been effectively made a lot more efficient rather than made to be smaller. The choices include a 2.2 litre 148 BHP(…)