A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Bertone Nuccio Concept 0

The Bertone Nuccio was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this year. It is a stunning vehicle which has certainly made a great impression at the motor show. History of Bertone After giving away sneak previews a number of times the Nuccio was finally unveiled. Many believe that the car was worth the wait. A(…)

The 2012 Budget disappointing for motorists 0

Yesterday the Coalition Government announced the 2012 Budget which left many motorists frustrated and angry. Leading up to the Budget, many motorists and motoring group were heavily campaigning for fuel duty increases to be cut. Motorists are struggling to cope with the constant rise of petrol prices. This was extremely disappointing news for many. What(…)

The Renault Twizy and David Guetta in Geneva 0

The Geneva Motor Show this year was made that extra bit special with the appearance of David Guetta and his wife Cathy. Both were on hand to present the Renault Twizy at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The international DJ, on top of the music charts throughout the world has been signed up by(…)

Toyota to continue producing cars in Australia 1

Toyota will develop and produce vehicles until 2016 and further in Australia a company statement has confirmed. Whereas some thought that the Japanese giants could tone down operations in the country, the official news is quite the contrary. Toyota will launch new models the Camry, the Aurion and hybrid mid-sized cars.  The Camry hybrid model(…)

Toyota exports dropped 0

Today we bring a report about Toyota. Their export profits have dropped by a tremendous 6.39 per cent in 2011 when comparing exports in 2010. In total exports equated to $805 million in 2011 for Toyota. 2010 saw export values hitting $860 million. The Japan and Thailand disasters The slowdown is all put down to(…)

The Skoda Roomster Review 0

The Skoda Roomster is a roomy type of mini MPV that offers a fantastic ride whilst being great value for money. We take a look at why we believe it is such a great car. The drive The Roomster offers a comfortable drive around town. There is a surprisingly good amount of grip on the(…)

Our roads to be sold off 0

Roads in England to be owned by private companies The biggest sell off since the rail privatisation Road tolls could spread   David Cameron has released a statement saying that our motorways and trunk roads could be sold off with the roads being semi-privatised. Reasons behind the decision are said to be money. The England(…)

The Nissan Almera to be produced in Russia 1

The Nissan Almera is to be produced in Russia. Nissan are focusing on moving production into Europe. Production in Japan is proving to be difficult after the Tsunami affected the car industry in the country in a devastating manner. The strength of Yen means that profits are much lower than before. Production shifting production Nissan,(…)

The new Subaru BRZ 0

Prices for the new Subaru BRZ were officially been unveiled last week. The car has a great deal of standard equipment and looks very aggressive and powerful. The car will arrive in showrooms in the summer. For us in the UK, there will be three trims available. In the first instance, the highest level BRZ(…)

The new Volvo V40 images released 1

Ahead of its debut launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March, photos of the Volvo V40 have been released. It is expected to a vehicle that helps Volvo raise their profile worldwide and compete with the very best. Rivals will take notice Stefan Jacoby, the Volvo President and CEO has come out and said(…)