The merge of Microtech Inc and Standard Microsystems Corporation 0

SMSC were known to have made great strides in developing advanced technology within the automotive industry. Microchip Technology Inc purchased rival Standard Microsystems Corporation last year. The move is expected to benefit the automotive industry long term. MCHP, who are the larger company, will now gain access to such innovations, helping to boost the automotive(…)

Mercedes’ battle in the American luxury car market 1

Last year the battle between Mercedes and BMW was once again a hotly contested. There is no doubt that this year will again be another interesting race to the top in the luxury car market. Not only do Mercedes have to worry about BMW, they also have the likes of Lexus and Audi showing excellent(…)

Audi A3 Vs BMW 1 Series 1

The Audi A3 is without a doubt Audi’s most successful car. The Audi A3 has generated a fifth of Audi’s total revenue over the past 16 years. This amount of profit resulted in financial security, thus allowing for more extravagant and adventurous designs such as the Audi R8. The first Audi A3 was manufactured in(…)

Formula 1 2013: Jerez Testing Results Day 3 0

Day 3 Day 3 saw the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen taking over from their team mates. The 3 time world champion hit the track and set 102 laps in his new RB9. Kimi only set 40 laps on day 3, he spent most of the morning with his mechanics adjusting his seat(…)

Formula 1 – Lotus 2013 Cars and drivers 0

You know the F1 break is almost over when the top teams in the sport unveil their cars.  With very few and minor regulation changes all us fans didn’t expect drastic cosmetic changes to the cars but still all of us have been highly anticipating seeing 2013’s challengers. New Car Lotus were the first to(…)

Formula 1 2013: Jerez Testing Results , Day 1 and 2 0

The Jerez test is known for cars coming to the track and using it as a de-bugging process for all their cars. With reliability being as key as ever in Formula 1 due to the high consistency of points scoring from the top drivers it is important for all the teams to use this test(…)

4 Monthly Tasks to Keep Your Car in Good Condition 0

Each car has to be regularly and properly maintained in order for it to serve the owner as longer and as well as possible. It’s normal for some defects to come up every now and then, and then you have to take it to a repair shop or fix it yourself if it is a(…)

Britain inspired by the Detroit Motor Show 0

Whenever a car show starts in the United States, it’s always big news around the world. Every car fan and firm are sure to be taking notice of the Detroit Motor Show, currently displaying some of the most desirable cars in the world. As mentioned in our last blog post, the United States are currently(…)

Findings at the Detroit Motor Show 0

Motor shows always give indication of the direction a certain country’s motor industry is going. The Detroit Motor Show has already pointed out a few trends which fans and the media have already picked up on. The American motor industry managed to secure a five year high in 2012. Selling 14.5 million in that year(…)

Fiat at the Los Angeles Motor Show 0

Fiat ensured that visitors of the Los Angeles Motor Show left with a good impression. They unveiled three new models at the exhibition. Hot hatchbacks seem to be in fashion at present in the United States. Fiat have taken full advantage by showcasing their new Fiat 500, Fiat four door 500L, the new electric 500e(…)