General Motors halts Saab’s Chinese takeover 0

It has been reported that the planned Saab takeover has hit a stumbling block. General Motors have threatened to stop supplying technology for Saab cars if the proposed Chinese investment goes ahead. The company sold Saab back in 2010. We reported in a previous article last month that Saab could survive and be on their(…)

The Saab 9-3 0

Following recent revelations of Saab playing their get of jail card and surviving, photos of the new 9-3 have been released. The car planned for release in 2013 looks to have the makings of being quite an attractive design. The Phoenix concept which was seen earlier this in March has quite a number of similarities.(…)

Why we should have a MOT every year? 0

Servicing Stop fully supports the  campaign to keep the current procedure for vehicles to undergo a MOT test annually. The Managing Director of the company, Oliver Richmond, released a statement on the subject claiming changes to the current system are potentially very dangerous. “Any alterations to the current annual MOT test are frankly unacceptable. Vehicles(…)

Moving away from traditional car radios 0

Government regulations will mean traditional analogue car radios will become obsolete by 2015. This means only digital DAB radios will be in use in the future. However, it has been reported that many car manufacturers have decided to not to install them in their upcoming models. The idea, formed from a Government initiative named Digital(…)

The Range Rover Evouqe is the Scottish car of the year 0

The Range Rover Evoque has noticeably raised its profile by being named the Scottish car of the year. John Murdoch, who is the President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, said that the car has adapted to consumer needs. He was quoted to have said “Some superb new cars entered the market during the past(…)

More details on the Mini Roadster 0

The first ever Mini Roadster will cost between £18,015 and £24,850. It’s Mini’s latest move with new releases on the market, with the Mini Coupe and Countryman SUV also due next year. Better than the Mini Convertible? The car differs from the Mini Convertible with it not containing the rear seats, which are not very(…)

Car insurance scam hotspots revealed 0

Specific areas for staged accidents have today been revealed by insurance company Direct Line. The statistics reveal where gangs like to operate when carrying out their car insurance scam, otherwise known as “crash for cash”. Barking in East London represents the area where the most occurrences happen, with the A406 eastbound junction the most targeted(…)

A new light at the end of the tunnel for Saab? 0

Saab have been bought out and rescued by a Chinese company. Just seven months ago the company were facing the strong possibility of bankruptcy and closure. It was only a few months ago where production had to be halted with the company failing to pay suppliers. It was sold by Chief Executive Victor Muller who(…)

Drink Drivers walk away without a ban 0

Over 1,500 convicted drink drivers walked away unpunished last year without a ban, according to official figures. Those offenders convicted of drink driving still have their license as a postcode lottery is used upon deciding who to prosecute according to some sources. Suffolk and the City of London are the most relaxed areas as 4.7%(…)

Citroen DS set for major improvements 0

The Citroen DS division is set to expand. One more model than originally planned will be added, with Citroen hoping to heavily increase sales figures with the DS sector. New DS sports car on it’s way? Rather than producing just the anticipated DS3, DS4 and the DS5 a sports car has been sounded out to(…)