Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review 1

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is one of the most desired sports utility vehicles in the world. We can see why the Evoque is one of the most talked about cars in the world. In our review today we explain exactly why the car is so popular. Performance The Land Rover Range Evoque is(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Mitsubishi Outlander 1

The Mitsubishi Outlander was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. We take a look at the great feedback in which the car received. Great first impressions The new generation has more appeal in terms of the way looks with a curvier type of body shape. First impressions of the vehicle have been(…)

Highlights of the Geneva Motor Show 0

The Geneva Motor Show had a host of spectacular vehicles and major announcements. This was one of the most important events of the year for car fans and automotive journalists. The rich went along to the motor show and treat it as some type of showroom, looking for their next vehicle. Others were just fans(…)

Honda Jazz Review 1

The Honda Jazz might be known as a small vehicle but it offers plenty of space within. The car also has quite a unique design which we view as a positive. In today’s review we see exactly why the Honda Jazz has been so successful on the UK market. Practicality For a small car the(…)

Honda to use India as base for diesel engines 0

Honda is taking advantage of current market demand in India by expanding their diesel presence in the country. Honda will use the country as a global base for their diesel engines which are to be stored within upcoming compact cars. Diesel more popular Honda do not currently have any diesel vehicles available on the Indian(…)

Petrol stations could close during Easter 0

1,000 petrol tanker drivers are set to go on strike across the country during the Easter break. This will in effect force the closure of 8,000 petrol stations. The strike is expected to start on April 3rd.  This will be the first strike of its kind for over a decade. Army personal on standby 1,000(…)

Chrysler Delta Review 0

The Chrysler Delta is a rival for the likes of the Volkswagen Golf but is off the radar for many. We believe the car has plenty of attributes which should make the Delta a lot more popular. We discuss some of our favourite features about the car. Performance The car contains a few variants which(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Nissan’s Hi-Cross 0

The Nissan Hi-Cross is another vehicle to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this year that has received outstanding first impressions. CVT gearbox The 4×4 is a hybrid powered crossover. There is a 2.0 litre petrol engine under the bonnet which works alongside an electric motor. A specially designed CVT gearbox transmission helps to(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Bertone Nuccio Concept 0

The Bertone Nuccio was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this year. It is a stunning vehicle which has certainly made a great impression at the motor show. History of Bertone After giving away sneak previews a number of times the Nuccio was finally unveiled. Many believe that the car was worth the wait. A(…)

The 2012 Budget disappointing for motorists 0

Yesterday the Coalition Government announced the 2012 Budget which left many motorists frustrated and angry. Leading up to the Budget, many motorists and motoring group were heavily campaigning for fuel duty increases to be cut. Motorists are struggling to cope with the constant rise of petrol prices. This was extremely disappointing news for many. What(…)