How to change oil – Part 2 0

Step 4 – Filter assembly The next step is to find the filter assembly. There is no standardised location for this part and it may prove difficult to locate. Check the front, back and side of the engine. Once you found it remove it. This isn’t an easy task however, you have to get a(…)

How to change your oil – Part 1 0

Oil changes are the standard part of our services and are one of the most important procedures for any car. Today we explain how to do this for you. Before we continue we must mention that changing your own oil can be dangerous and that it should be done with lot of care. Why change(…)

Will there be an eyesight test for all drivers? 0

Driving with poor eyesight is as bad as when you drive when intoxicated.  Many experts have called and have been making pleas with the Government to set compulsory eyesight tests. This is due to four million UK motorists not meeting the legal eyesight requirement apparently. Some believe that the number could indeed be a lot(…)

The Subaru XV prices and specification confirmed 0

Prices for the Subaru XV have been confirmed by the Japanese company. The all wheel drive crossover comes with two specific Subaru technologies which include Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and a Boxer engine. The car has been very competitively priced in what is an overall very tough type of market. Engine choices There will be(…)

The Renault Twingo’s details released 0

The prices and details of the new Renault Twingo have been released by the French company. In our article today we take a look at how great the car can be on the UK automotive market. New design The car will now come with a brand new style to represent a change and a whole(…)

The new Mazda MX3 0

Mazda will release a brand new MX3 this year with it being highly improved from the current version.  It is expected to provide a better battle to rival the Volkswagen Golf. Is it up to the task? We take a look in our article today. Small exterior chances The changes are not obvious appearance wise.(…)

The new Nissan Juke limited edition 1

As if the Nissan Juke wasn’t already special enough, the new Shiro model is set to be released.  It will be a limited edition model with a number of different interior and exterior design differences. Prices start from £17,695. The Shiro replaces the previous Kuro limited edition and there is only the top level Tekna(…)

The Nissan 370z slightly modified for 2012 0

The Nissan 370z has a great reputation for being a wholly beautiful and sporty car. This year Nissan have made the car slightly more appealing whilst keeping all of it’s fundamental strengths. Changes Before it’s preview at the 2012 Chicago Motor Show, Nissan have included LED running lights along with a modified rear end of(…)

BMW will open its largest ever showroom in Abu Dhabi 0

BMW have made major plans for Abu Dhabi and will release their largest ever showroom in the country. Located in Umm Al Nar, the showroom is expected to cost around $81.6 million. The German giants, who are the largest luxury car manufacturer in the world, have this week confirmed the plans. BMW’s biggest ever showroom(…)

The Hyundai i30 pricing confirmed 1

The Hyundai i30’s new prices have been released. The specification and plans for the new compact family car have been duly released ahead of its release in March 2012. Since 2007, the Hyundai i30 has been one of the world’s most popular vehicles within it’s particular category.  The latest revamp is a great improvement upon(…)