A look back at the Peugeot 104 (1972 – 1988) 0


Talk about longevity. The Peugeot 104 remained in production for a whopping 16 years, with over 2,000,000 built. And yet, it was never really considered a best seller.

An early supermini challenger, it was without a hatchback rear that would have made sales success a certainty. The opening ‘72 edition was a four-door fastback saloon engined by the new Douvrin ‘suitcase’ forever remembered for being canted back in the engine bay, with the transmission-in-sump BMC-style.

As a city car, it was top-notch and never attained the full credit it perhaps deserved. Pininfarina provided neat and compact styling, and there was soft-riding long-travel suspension ideal for rough roads.

1974 saw the introduction of a three-door short wheelbase Z Coupe version, which formed the inspiration for the appealing 104 ZS.

In 1976 , the 104 was facelifted for the first time and the highly anticipated two-door edition was finally released. The Douvrin engine also saw use with Renault and Citroen, its underpinnings going onto success with the Citroen Visa, Talbot Samba and the later Peugeot 205 (though this was slightly modified).

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