A look back at the Peugeot 504 Coupe (1968 – 1983) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Peugeot-504-CoupeWe start July looking back at one of Peugeot’s more attractive cars of the late sixties to early eighties era. The 504 Coupe was certainly a handsome beast; a proper French car oozing Gallic Style.

Launched in Paris in 1968, it went a significant way to furthering Peugeot’s aspiration of moving slightly upmarket from the 404. A stark difference when compared to the 204, the 504 was mechanically very conservative, the engine that drove the rear wheels positioned longitudinal.

The cabin was spacious, the suspension soft, making the saloon that followed the Coupe a good car for long distances.

It didn’t take long for variations on the bodywork to start appearing. Estate, coupe, convertible and pick-up were all available making the 504 Peugeot’s bestselling car to date.

The 504 Cabriolet appeared on the market at the same time as the saloon and was remarkable to look at, with graceful lines and impeccable road manners. Fuel injection came as standard, the open 504 was resultantly fast and effective – the final five speed version especially.

This was followed by the Coupe, the Pininfarina design once again ensuring it was a beautiful looking car. It had a new body on a slightly shortened 504 platform. The top-of-the-range version was powered by a PRV ‘Douvrin’ V6 that was also used on the later 604.

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