Peugeot 5008 takes cabin space to new levels 0


The major dilemma with Peugeot’s new seven seater 5008 is whereabouts exactly in the cavernous interior to store your stuff. You’re certainly spoiled for choice; space is something the 5008 has an abundance of. A third row of seats can be removed completely, boosting boot capacity from a spacious 720 litres to an extravagant 1,060.

And the 5008 doesn’t stop trying to solve your spatial requirements there. All seats can be folded down (with the exception of the driver’s) and the three in the centre row can be individually adjusted, preventing ‘piggy in the middle’ situations.

For a big car it drives superbly and looks good with a decidedly upmarket feel. The driving position is commanding and the smart-dashboard offers plenty of hi-tech driving assistance features (including automatic braking and a 360-degree parking camera.

Capable of 0-62mph at a leisurely 10.4 seconds, the 5008 hits a reasonable top speed of 117 mph, falling unashamedly within the ‘functional’ category. This should see it become a favourite with young families and couples.

Prices start at £24,495 with a choice of four petrol versions and six diesel. Four trim levels are available.

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