Peugeot boss: No new performance cars ‘until we’re truly global’ 0

Peugeot-boss-No-new-performance-cars-until-were-truly-globalThe head of Peugeot, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has prioritised global success in the short term over the development and release of any high-performance vehicles. The company’s CEO did go on to say that such expensive projects may be considered later however.

In a recent interview, Imparato said that the 308 Hybrid R project would be put on hold for the time being; he also confirmed that a replacement for the RCZ coupe is not currently in the pipeline either.

“Right now our main goal is to grow to beyond two million units a year,” he said, “but also to spread our footprint and to sell more than 50% of our cars outside of Europe. Until we do that, I’m much more interested in cars that sell in hundreds of thousands than those that sell in smaller numbers.”

Imparato is flying to China in the coming weeks to help promote the launch of the 5008 SUV and the Peugeot CEO did say that the Asian and African markets are integral to helping the brand acheieve their long term global ambitions. “With a one-tonne pick-up truck, we can tap into a huge global market,” he said. “We could either develop one within the group or with a partner, and our existing connections [The PSA Group already makes commercial vehicles and city cars with Toyota] give us possibilities.”

Peugeot intends to return to North America in the next five years, initially as a smaller scale mobility provider in the US’s larger cities before being rolled out across the entire county as a regular car manufacturer.

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