Peugeot concept reveals brand’s vision for the future 0


Peugeot has revealed its vision of the car of the future and it more closely resembles a smartphone rather than a car. Even the name ‘car’ has been ditched for ‘device’, as the new Instinct concept is far more than just a method of transportation.

The snazzy new concept revealed at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show takes being ‘connected’ to a new level. Not only will it drive itself, monitor traffic and text you if you need to leave early, but you can also control appliances back in the home, such as the lights and heating. Effectively, the concept functions as your personal control centre or if you want to phrase it a different way: your best friend and PA.

The more observant may wonder what use an autonomous car has for a steering wheel? Should the occupant fancy doing anything so old fashioned as driving, the wheel becomes relevant. In self-driving mode however, the wheel folds away, the speedometer changes to a journey timer, and the passenger sits back and watches TV on the enormous passenger screen.

A spokesman for Peugeot said: “The car will become a device connected to your home, connected to your phone. It will save time and give you more freedom.”

Not many features on the concept are likely to crossover onto any Peugeots to be released in the coming months, but the ‘device’ offers a fascinating insight into what could be.

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