Peugeot owner reunited with car – 38 years after it was stolen 0


A Peugeot owner has been reunited with her vehicle, 38 years after it was stolen.

The Peugeot 104 was found at the bottom of a muddy pond in France and was in surprisingly good condition, despite teaming with Crayfish.

The car came to the attention of police in Calons-en-Champagne after the water level in the pond fell following a drought; divers were sent in first to check there was no corpse in the vehicle.

Franck Ménard, a mechanic who helped the police tow the car to the garage where he works, said: “It still looks like a 104. The paintwork is still blue and there’s still chrome on the bumpers. It’s amazing. Considering how long it was underwater, it’s really well-preserved.”

He added: “Even the seats are in surprisingly good condition, and they’ve kept their colour — beige. You can still read the number plate.”

The 104 was an iconic French car of the 70s and 80s. It was four years old when it was stolen in 1979 and on its third owner. Because it was reported stolen, it technically belongs to the owner’s insurer.

That said, the car’s former owner, a woman who declined to give her name, is expected to come to the garage to see her old car “for the sake of nostalgia”, Mr Menard said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre-Damien Igau of the Châlons-en-Champagne police said: “She was surprised that we contacted her because even for her this was a very old story.

“She was quite emotional and moved by the fact we found the car so long after the theft, and particularly because we made the effort to find her and contact her.”

To find the car’s owner, the police had to examine paper files because the vehicle was too old to be on any computer databases. The police said via Facebook they were pleased to have finally solved a cold case.

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