Peugeot’s Gran Turismo new concept takes performance to new levels 0


When it comes to eccentric concepts, Peugeot has an impressive track record. The latest example to emerge from the French car maker’s drawing board is this equally impressive/bonkers creation – the L750 R Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo.

Sadly, the car pictured above with the lengthy name doesn’t actually exist in a physical form, but entirely in the gaming world – the Gran Turismo world to be exact. It’s been a growing trend for car makers to indulge themselves by contributing designs of concepts either too complex, or expensive to be practical.    

That means the posted performance figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, and for good reason. The L750 can turn out just that – 750ps (740bhp), powered by a combination of petrol engine (572bhp) and electric motor (168bhp). The petrol powered option revs to 10,000rpm meaning it’s possibly a good thing the car only exists in the virtual world.

The car has an ‘innovative dual-circuit hydraulic braking system’ and weighing a slight 825kg, the L750 clocks in 175kg less than the L500 it is based upon.

A showcase for ‘Peugeot’s new design language’, it would perhaps be a little premature to expect any of the features to appear on the next 308 estate however.

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