A look back at the Renault Dauphine (1956 – 1967) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Renault-DauphineLast week, we nostalgically cast our eyes over the Renault 4CV, a car easily as much of a French icon as Citroen’s little run-around, and with twice the horsepower.

The 4CV was probably the car that laid the foundations for Renault’s subsequent success; the Dauphine however was that success. It shifted a phenomenal two million editions during a lengthy 12-year production run.

As a car, it grew with the demands of its owners, constantly being improved over its life-cycle and like its predecessor, it was ludicrously stylish.

Since its first appearance in 1956, it was obvious to see that Renault had taken the success of the 4CV and developed it masterfully. All the correct places were expanded, in particular its engine, which grew to 747cc. The bodywork and the chassis were also extended so growing families could easily be accommodated.

It was well made and drove like a dream, negotiating windy French roads with assurance. Odd little features added to the intrigue, for example the Ferlec transmission – allowing finger-touch changes – and Aerostable semi-pneumatic variable suspension. 1964 saw all four wheels fitted with disc brakes.

The Dauphine saw the arrival of the 40bhp Gordini, and the 49bhp racing-striped 1093cc Rallye model – paving the way for brilliant fast Renaults for years to come.

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