A look back at the Renault Safrane (1992) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Renault-SafraneFor today’s nostalgic retrospective, travel back with us to the giddy days of the early 1990s. New Labour was just a glint in the eye of a youthful Tony Blair and the England football team was…still rubbish, sigh…

Despite other manufacturers moving away from large executive vehicles – the market was believed to be dying – the French decided to stick with them for just a little bit longer.

Falling residual values and mixed reviews in the motoring media did little to deter Renault; the Renault Safrane was their contribution to this particular segment in the late 1990s. Launched in 1992, as the replacement for the 25, which was a pretty nice car despite its relatively low resale value, the Renault Safrane marked the dawning of a new period of styling for Renault, which would be continued onto the Laguna and Megane that followed it.

In the UK, it was a car that did little to fire the imagination – there was no real market for it. So, despite a comfy ride, clean styling and a modern cabin, the Safrane sold poorly.

To date, the DVLA has only 184 examples still listed on British roads, making it a rare beast indeed. Any enthusiasts would be looking around the £500 mark to get their hands on one in the UK.

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