Renault concept doubles up as an extra room in your house 0


So, as concepts go, this one is fairly ‘out there’…

Renault wowed guests at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, with a driverless concept car that doubles up as an extra room in your house.

When not travelling from A to B, the Renault Symbioz converts to a cosy snug you can hang out with friends.

Social media and personal files can be browsed through a variety of tech and an impressive music system allows the user to chill out with your favourite tunes. Ambient sounds, fragrances and atmospheric lighting can also be piped into the cabin.

The interior is programmed to instantly ‘recognise’ the owner and has been stylishly decked out with plenty of marble and wood to really give it the feel of an upmarket home.

The seats are upholstered in comfortable sofa fabric, converting into full armchairs when the vehicle is not being used for transport.

Admittedly, the Symbioz hasn’t been designed with terrace houses in mind, so Renault has also taken time to design the living space of the future, complete with a rotating lift that can transport your car up to its rooftop parking space. Once safely installed in its elevated parking spot, the Symbioz transforms itself fully into an extra room of the house.

Renault 2

The vehicle will link itself with the household electrical supply and will use wifi to share data with the other appliances. The fridge, oven, security systems and entertainment can all be controlled from the car as a central ‘hub’.

Should you be going on holiday, the car will even lock up your home and power down the heating for you on its way out.

On the road, there’s an 80cm curved hi-definition dash, retractable steering wheel and pedals, wrist-watch touchscreens on seat belts to control systems like air con and a mini table.

You can even select a “zero-gravity” seating position where you can pop on a virtual reality headset during a journey to take the pain of your concrete jungle commute away.

The car itself is the size of a BMW 3 Series but looks more conservatory than car with huge glass panels across the doors and roof.

The doors are rear-hinged for maximum access plus the roof panels open up like a butterfly.

And of course, the Symbioz is completely zero emissions with a 500km (310 mile) all-electric range.

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