Renault engines will keep Alonso say McLaren 0


McLaren believe that the proposed switch from Honda to Renault engines for the 2018 season should be enough to keep Fernando Alonso driving for the team.

The final decision as to whether or not to switch engines should be made shortly. Speculation has been gathering momentum that the team will make the change to Renault power.

The Spanish driver’s contract expires at the end of the current season and with available seats on the grid at a premium, Alonso’s future is still up in the air. McLaren however, are confident of keeping their man. The team’s executive director, Zak Brown said the chances of Alonso staying for 2018 were: “very likely, very likely.  

“Fernando loves the team, he’s as passionate as ever to drive.

“There’s been some reports about [going to] IndyCar and things of that nature – he wants to be in Formula 1.”

Even if the team does stick with Honda, Brown still thinks the Spaniard will remain.

“He just wants us to be in a competitive situation, and I wouldn’t rule him out if things stay status quo,” he added.

“With the stuff that we are seeing, that we’re going to review further this week, I wouldn’t say it’s a foregone conclusion if we continue with Honda that he doesn’t continue with us.

“We need to get more competitive. This weekend showed we’re just really not making any significant progress.

“How long can you wait before you have upset drivers, upset partners, upset fans?

“Everyone is hanging in there with us but it can’t go on forever.”

The driver himself said in the wake of the Grand Prix at Monza that the team’s decision was “not the most important thing” influencing what he will do for next year.

“Many news are coming in the next weeks and hopefully all of them will be useful to me to make a decision,” said Alonso.

“I’ll keep looking at what options are there for next year, I need to study all of them and make a decision.

“We know what that [Renault] engine could do – Red Bull did five, six consecutive podiums, and we know what Mercedes could do as well with Force India this year, Williams on the first row of the grid [at Monza].

“So we know what are the options, we need to make a decision.

“We need to concentrate more on next year, not this year’s results.

“It’s an important week, for Mclaren to make some decisions, and hopefully we’ll all know something before Singapore so we can comment on it there.”

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