Renault have worked out how to charge an electric car on the move 0

Renault-have-worked-out-how-to-charge-an-electric-car-on-the-moveThe principal bugbear of electric vehicles (that we’re aware of so far) is the inescapable fact that they take time to charge. There’s no getting away from it, purchasing an electric car means the days of just popping down the petrol station for a quick top up, look like they may be a thing of the past.

Naturally, as time passes, the charging technology we’re using will improve but the public stigma is likely to take a while to shift. This may be one of the reasons that French car maker, Renault, has partnered with US tech company, Qualcomm, and French tech-institute Vedecom in an attempt to side-step the charging stop altogether, coming up with a charging system that works on the move.

Renault has already started demonstrations on what it calls ‘dynamic wireless electric vehicle charging’ (DEVC), by using an adapted version of its Kangoo Z.E. van and a 100-metre test track with built-in conductive wireless charging.

The vans receive charge as they drive along the track; the wireless system charges at the equivalent rate of 20 Kilowatts. This is around the same rate that you’d find on fixed public chargers.

Renault claims the system can charge at speeds of up to 62mph.

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