Renault to launch 21 new models before 2022 0


Renault plans to launch 21 new models before 2022, the company’s CEO Carlos Ghosn has announced.

The models will make up part of the firm’s ‘Drive the Future’ plan. Of the new vehicles, eight will be fully electric and 12 will be electrified. Diesel engined cars are set to feature significantly less in Renault’s line-up, cut 50% by 2022 and reduced to one family from the three currently available.

15 of the new models will feature an autonomy rating between Level 2 and 4, B-segment Renault group cars are set to have Level 2 autonomy by 2019.

Set to be launched on a bespoke EV platform, shared with the whole Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. The shared architecture will span B to D-segment electric cars.

‘Drive the Future’ is to see £16.1 billion spent on research and development, as the group seeks to consolidate its newly acquired position as the globe’s largest car producer.

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